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Looking for cities that are hiring around Lexington, KY, look no further. These five cities are always looking for skilled workers, see what they have.

Sometimes finding employment in your city of residence can be difficult. In these cases, it may be necessary for those that live in a city like Lexington, KY to seek employment in surrounding areas. There are many great cities where you can work near Lexington that can help make for a great job and a great easy commute. Here are five different cities that are near Lexington where you may be able to find the employment you want.
cities near Lexington KY

1. Frankfort

- This is the capitol of the state, and as such, there are tons of job opportunities. Since Frankfort is the capitol, the most obvious job choice is in government as there is a very large government center that has openings frequently. Frankfort is also known for law firms and legal positions as well as a few manufacturing jobs. This is a highly varied area that offers tons of opportunities for employment which means that you are going to be able to find jobs from entry level service positions to top government positions if you just take the time to look and really consider your options. Frankfort is about a 40 minute commute on US-421 N, but since it is a considerably larger city than Lexington it does have a great deal more jobs to offer.

2. Georgetown
- This is a smaller city than Lexington but it does offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to employment. Georgetown has a population of about 31,000 and is home to Georgetown College which is one of the leading private liberal arts colleges in the state. There is also a Toyota manufacturing plant in the city which annually employs thousands of workers and is the largest building by acreage in the United States with over 200 acres covered. This is a huge draw for workers from the surrounding areas and is a wonderful opportunity for those that want to come from Lexington for work. Georgetown College also employs hundreds ass does Toyota Tsusho and Aichi Forge USA. Georgetown is about a 30 minute commute from Lexington on US-460 W but is a wonderful place to seek employment if you cannot find what you want in Lexington.

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3. Paris

- If you are looking for a slower speed city that still has plenty of options, Paris is a great opportunity. Paris is home to the Nanine Clay Wallis Arboretum which is a 4-acre arboretum that preserves the flowers of the area and also flowers that Nanine cultivated herself. This historic area also offers employment through the Hopewell Museum, the Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, The Vardens Building and so much more. Though this area is quite a bit smaller than Lexington with a population of about 9,000, it does offer some truly interesting job prospects. Paris is about a 50 minute commute from Lexington on I-64 W, but does offer some great opportunities for the history lover or someone who prefers jobs that are a bit out of the ordinary and fun. cities near Lexington KY

4. Richmond & Lawrenceburg

- This area is known for its schools system, which is a major hiring force for the city. There is also a large range of other positions to choose from, including typical service and government jobs. Lawrenceburg is considered part of the Frankfort statistical area and as such it does have quite a few opportunities for those that do want to be part of government. Four Roses Distillery also has a location in Lawrenceburg and is a big employer for people who want to do something fun like distilling. This is a great area full of history. It's a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to seek a smaller town for employment near Lexington. Lawrenceburg is about a 40 minute commute from Lexington on US-62 E and US-60 E.  cities near Lexington KY

5. Louisville

- If you are willing to make a slightly longer commute Louisville is a wonderful city to choose and can offer some great job prospects for those that are looking. Louisville is a city of around 600,000 and there are jobs in virtually every industry that you could ever imagine. This area offers factory, manufacturing, healthcare, teaching, education, service, preservation, public service, government, emergency services, and just about any other job you could imagine. Since this is a large city, it is also home to several incorporated suburbs so you are going to be able to find employment in some part of Louisville with no problem. It is also easy to access from Lexington via a commute of about an hour on I-64 E.

-If you are looking for employment and your city simply does not cut it, it may become necessary to go outside of city limits to find an area that does offer a job. These five cities near Lexington, KY have jobs that are varied, plentiful, and ready to hire workers, which makes finding a job that much easier. You can find out more from your local real estate agent or even visit these cities yourself to see just what jobs are out there and what jobs you can expect to find if you do decide to move to Lexington or one of the surrounding cities discussed here. Kentucky has plenty to offer, you just have to be willing to look for it a little harder.


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